The winners of the best of 2016 have been chosen. Help us pick the overall winner!

There were a lot of good entries into this year’s best of contest. Thanks very much to everyone who participated. The category winners are listed below. To pick the overall winner I’m gonna keep it really simple. The categories were numbered, so I’m just gonna reply to my own post here with those numbers. Upvote your favorite one. The one at the top a week from now is the champ.

Thanks again, and a special thanks to the rest of the mod team for letting me be a part of their community. I really like it here, even if I do have to swing the old ban hammer occasionally (a lot).

1 – Youth u/Meg-a-nerd Youth: Kids write letters to Trump asking him to be a nice president. I know it sounds a bit cynical but I thought it was a really sweet way of helping kids to learn to react with kindness and hope instead of dwelling on the scary things that might – Energy u/Loccolibroccolli Energy: More jobs now in solar energy than Oil, Gas and Coal extraction/mining combined – Politics u/GenesisEra Anyway, Aung San Suu Kyi becoming President of Burma/Myanmar in a free, fair election is promising for her country’s continued democratisation and welcome back to the international community, as well as hopes for the average Burmese citizen. – Bittersweet u/Miniblitz Bittersweet- the entire world of football (soccer) coming together after the Chapecoense tragedy where the plane carrying the ACF players to the biggest match in their history crashed on its way to Columbia for the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana final, killing 71 people. Many players paid their tributes, and many matches held a minute of silence, including arguably the largest rivalry in the game, El Classico between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid of Spain – Homelessness u/turqua I nominate the stray dogs of Istanbul receiving blankets by amazing volunteers for category 10. StanGibson18 note: Reclassified as category 6 due to lack of entries. The dogs are homeless. It’s a stretch, I know.

7 – Community Outreach u/Dextero_Explosion I guess I’m going to submit this one as category 7, community outreach; I think it probably fits better there than homelessness or youth. I nominate the story of the Philly frat feeding feeding the homeless at Thanksgiving. It’s easy for some to forget that the homeless are people. It’s inspiring and uplifting to see young people making a difference in people’s lives. Animals: Pandas and Manatees are no longer endangered. everyone wanted to make their own comments I guess I’ll count them by hand. It’ll be the number of upvotes on my original comments, plus the number of separate votes. I’ll remove the comments as I count them to ensure they only count once each.

EDIT: Locked. Tabulating results. I’ll remove vote comments as they are counted to ensure that I don’t count them twice.